After seeing Dr. Becker myself for some complicated issues, I entrusted her with the one most dear to me.

After not sleeping properly (3-4 interrupted hours per night) for almost seven years due to a head trauma, my husband met with Dr. Becker. She and her team are on their way to cracking the code for my husband’s improved sleep and brain health.  Every night since being under her care and following her treatment program, he is gaining more and more sleep time. The hours in bed with headphones, unable to sleep because his mind will not stop racing, continue to decline.

I cannot offer up enough positive comments for Dr. Becker. She is an outstanding physician with an excellent bedside manner. Her patient, firm and confident approach has enabled him a safe space to share “what’s really going on” and ultimately get the specialized care he’s needed for over seven years.

Also, since seeing Dr. Becker the first time, we’ve moved from DC to Chicago and she and her team have not missed a beat. We do appointments remotely and all supplements are efficiently shipped. Because, making sure we have what we need when we need them is critical to our improved well being. Thank you Dr. Becker and Alana.

Christy C.


I gave up on western medicine and sought alternative therapies.  I am thankful I found Dr. Becker.  From the age of 5 to present I have struggled with osteoarthritis and digestive issues. When I was in my 40’s I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis.  Western medicine couldn’t tell me why these things were happening to me.  After a joint replacement, increased digestive troubles and osteoporosis numbers getting significantly worse I finally asked “Why is this happening?” Instead of the doctor saying he didn’t know he simply said “Well, look at you.  You are the poster child for osteoporosis.” I felt so defeated.  Dr. Becker discovered I’m gluten sensitive and have a variety of allergy issues.  We have since gotten the inflammation under control and I feel better now than I have ever felt in my life!  I’m due for another dexascan and am very curious and excited for the first time to see what the results will be for the osteoporosis.

Dr. Becker has been very supportive of my choosing to eat a whole food plant-based diet. She’s also very open to discussions about whatever is on my mind as it relates to my treatment plan.  Dr. Becker has been amazing and doesn’t give up.  She is persistent and continues to dig until she finds the root cause of any issue I am struggling with in terms of my health.

I highly recommend Dr. Becker to anyone who wants to consider an alternative approach to medicine and healing the body.  I have referred two friends to her and she has been able to give them hope for the first time in a very long time.  You wont regret learning from Dr. Becker.

Jane L.


I just wanted to tell you how appreciative I am with you taking the time to meet me and listen to my health issues.  It was such a breath of fresh air to sit down and talk with someone that listens and wants to help me figure out what is going on!  I feel like, with your help, I am finally taking a turn in the right direction and can’t thank you enough for wanting to help me!  I am very excited to be working with you!

Very Kindly & Gratefully,

Lauren K.


I first went to see Dr. Becker in 2008 suffering from chronic fatigue, sleep difficulties and a general ill feeling.  Unlike any of the doctors I had seen previously, she spent more than an hour digging deeply into my medical symptoms and my lifestyle.  It was clear she was most interested in determining the root cause of my illness as opposed to simply treating my symptoms.  She suggested a number of tests that revealed a hormonal imbalance and adrenal dysfunction, both of which were easily treated with natural supplements. Within weeks, I had regained my strength and was feeling better than I had in years.  I continue to use natural medicine regimens prescribed by Dr. Becker today.

Just recently when we discovered that my husband and two children were suffering from reflux, we immediately sought Dr. Becker’s advice.  Conventional medicine suggested that they take antacid medications for the foreseeable future. This not only did not address the cause of the reflux, but came with the potential risk of significant side-effects. Dr. Becker ordered blood tests that revealed delayed food allergies and a comprehensive digestive analysis for my husband. We are currently addressing and treating these findings and we are hopeful of curing the problems from the root cause.  My family and I are grateful for her personalized care that seeks to understand and treat the underlying cause of an illness.

Karen K.

Dear Dr. Becker,

I think I first came upon your name and website when looking for a naturopathic practitioner in the DC area.  I didn’t  understand much about alternative medicine, and I barely knew what naturopathy was, but I was willing to try anything to improve my situation.

I’d been struggling with IBS and feeling bloated and constipated for years despite the fact that I never ate most of the foods attributed to triggering IBS and I exercised regularly.  My boyfriend located the man who was considered the best GI doctor in the VA-DV-MD area and I scheduled an appointment.  The doctor was friendly and pleasant, but ultimately he only told me to buy Miralax and to get a colonoscopy- not quite the solution I was looking for.

Visiting with you was an immediate relief because of your demeanor.  I finally felt like someone took my complaints seriously and was committed to solving the problem.  Physical improvement didn’t happen over night; I think it may have taken two or three visits, however, my digestive discomfort once ranked an 8 or 9, now is a 1 or 2.  Part of me finds this to be so miraculous that I’m afraid to think about it for too long lest I jinx my newly functional guts!

Anyway, all of this is just a long-winded way of saying thank you, and letting you know that I am so grateful to have accidentally come across your website many months ago.  Most of the doctors I’ve seen have made me feel stupid and undervalued when I try to ask questions or explain my concerns, but I’ve always been treated like an equal while with you in your office.  And funny enough, that probably meant as much to me as you relieving my physical discomfort.

Thanks again!

Monica S.


Dear Dr. Becker,

I want to say thank you for my new life. I thought it was impossible to lose the weight.  I had been the same weight for years, but my waist was getting bigger and bigger.  I was exercising and running to no avail.  Everyone was saying it was “menopause”.  UGH!!!   With your guidance, recommended diet and lifestyle changes you have changed my life.   Last September, I embarked on the doctor assisted weight loss plan offered in your office.   I lost 23.5 lbs and 34 inches in 6 weeks.  WOW!!!!  Nine weeks later I again followed your food plan and lost another 14 lbs in 26 days.  It is now one year later and I have maintained the weight loss.  I am making great strides in my running, knocking 14 minutes off my previous time for a 10 mile race.  I am also running my first Marathon.

Thank you so much.  Oh didn’t I mention I went from a size 14 top to a 10 top and a size 12-10 pant to a 4.

Leslie S.


Dr Becker,

I wanted to thank you so very much for helping me with several health issues.  First and foremost, I have to say, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the natural compounded prescription.  Since using it, I have not had ONE migraine.  That in itself is a miracle.  I continue to be affected by  environmental elements but, I no longer become sick for an entire month after breathing in chemically based perfumes.  It has helped me in many ways.  Also, without the hormone therapy, I would not have been able to have my surgery.  So, thank you!  I am no longer “estrogen dominant”.       You saved me.  Still a way to go but, you saved me!

Keep helping people to heal (even if they are “challenging”)

The medical system in this country does not heal.  The drugs and needless procedures only keep the unhealthy cycle spinning, but why am I telling you?


Renee J.


Dr Becker,

Thank you so much for your work treating my colitis thus far.   I just got a scope 3 weeks ago. My last scope was 18 months prior and showed severe, ubiquitous colitis. This scope showed “mild  and patchy” colitis – progress!  The pathology stated that it looked like “quiescent colitis under therapy”.  And all of this without conventional medicines!

Thanks  Matt R.


Dr. Becker is really knowledgeable about a huge variety of health topics. While she’s obviously very experienced, she also seems to keep up with the latest clinical studies and supplements. Dr. Becker helped me diagnose some chronic health problems that I had been suffering with for years that MDs were completely unable to address. I have no complaints and would recommend her to my own mother.

Joan S.