Sunlight and Health; More Than Just Vitamin D

by drsjbecker on January 27, 2015

sunlight 1One of the most important aspects of life on earth is the sun. It provides warmth and energy, making life as we know it possible. Humans have evolved to live with the sun. It not only supports the plants and vegetation that feed and shelter us, but it is also an integral part of our physiology.

Vitamin D synthesis is a well known by-product of sunlight exposure. It helps regulate a number of genes and hormonal reactions in the human body. It also plays a role in bone health, immune system function, inflammation, etc.

However, a number of other beneficial reactions also occur. Melatonin is produced when it is dark and stops when daylight reaches our eyes. This helps to regulate our sleep-wake cycle, and plays an important role in countering cancer, auto-immunity and inflammation.

Read the rest of Dr. Brian Casteel’s article to discover more amazing benefits of sunlight exposure.


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