Can the Probiotics You Need Be Found In Soil?

by drsjbecker on January 26, 2015


For years, pharmacists have focused on lactic-acid based probiotics to ensure the health of our guts. However, in her recent article, Dr. Chris Decker is shining a light on other strains that may be helpful in certain cases. Dr. Decker suggests that we might be a little too clean for our own good!

The Earth’s soil is filled to the brim with microorganisms, some of which are beneficial to our health. Today, most of us in the Western world have considerably less contact with nutrient-rich dirt, which deprives our systems of these microscopic buddies.

For 2.4 million years, the bacteria in soil most likely played an essential role in preparing our hunter-gatherer ancestors’ bodies for attacks against their immune systems. This in turn would have provided an environment for gastrointestinal well-being. Today, we know that a lack of probiotic bacteria has a hand to play in a wide variety of disorders, including type 1 diabetes, autism, and cardiovascular disease.

Read all about these new discussion on the NDNR website.

Please note that Dr. Stephanie Becker recommends probiotics for all patients as part of her wellness protocol. Ask us about recommended brands and dosing.



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