Ward off skin cancer with coffee and a workout

by drsjbecker on April 23, 2012

Worried about developing skin cancer? After downing a cup of strong cup of coffee, go for a brisk run.

At least, that’s the suggestion from a new study presented at a major medical conference in Chicago this week, where researchers said that the combination of caffeine and exercise could protect against sun-related skin cancer.

In their animal studies, a team of scientists observed the effects of caffeine and exercise on mice that were at high risk for developing skin cancer. Those given a dose of caffeine and that exercised with a running wheel experienced 62 percent fewer skin tumors. Volume of tumors also decreased by 85 percent compared to the control mice.      http://articles.nydailynews.com/2012-04-05/news/31296342_1_skin-cancer-caffeine-and-exercise-cancer-research

NY Daily News (NY) – by AFP RELAXNEWS – (Thursday, April 5, 2012) –



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