Allergy season essentials – Allergy Herbal Tincture – Save 10% Through April 15th!

by drsjbecker on March 27, 2012

Allergy season is upon us, earlier that it has in many years. Due to the abnormally warm and dry fall and winter months, it is expected that besides seasonal allergies being earlier than usual, allergy sufferers will experience some of the worst symptoms seen in a long time. Here are some simple and helpful tips to mitigate them. Home * Pillows: place in the dryer on High heat for 20 minutes, weekly. * Linens: wash in hot water, weekly. If you use bleach, use chlorine free. * Carpet: vacuum weekly, preferably with one that contains a HEPA filter. * Shelves: wipe down with a moist cloth, not dry. Do this weekly. The Granby News (CT) – by Todd Born, ND – (Friday, March 2, 2012) –


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