Going Gluten-Free: Worth the Hype or Just a Fad? – Fox News (foxnews.com) – (Thursday, December 8, 2011) –

by drsjbecker on December 27, 2011

 Remember when ‘low-carb’ foods were all the rage? These days, the ‘gluten-free’ section inside your grocery store is the new hot spot.

“Gluten is a protein that occurs in wheat and wheat products, so things like spelt, rye and barley,” said Dr. Peter Bongiorno of Innersource Health in N.Y.

“When our bodies see the gluten, it needs to break it down, and it takes fairly strong enzymes to do that. Some people are sensitive to gluten, which means when the gluten protein gets into their digestive tract, the immune system sees it and creates a response to it.”    http://www.foxnews.com/health/2011/12/08/going-gluten-free-worth-hype-or-just-fad/


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