Study says 1 in 13 US children have food allergy – Associated Press – By Lindsey Tanner – (Monday, June 20, 2011) –

by drsjbecker on July 5, 2011

CHICAGO (AP) — Food allergies affect about one in 13 U.S. children, double the latest government estimate, a new study suggests.

The researchers say about 40 percent of them have severe reactions – a finding they hope will erase misconceptions that food allergies are just like hay fever and other seasonal allergies that are troublesome but not dangerous.


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admin July 5, 2011 at 11:55 am

Many people are unaware of the difference between immediate and delayed allergies. Delayed allergies are almost impossible to diagnose without testing due to their delay in onset of symptoms from 2 hours to 2 weeks after exposure. Additionally, delayed allergies are rarely tested by conventional allergy doctors. Unless you determine and remove exposure to all allergies, you have only addressed part of the problem and may not alleviate your symptoms and your immune system response. – Dr. Stephanie Becker


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