Supplements or flu shots

by drsjbecker on November 30, 2010

Washington Post (D.C.) – Supplements or flu shots – By Jennifer LaRue Huget – (Monday, November 29, 2010) –

Nearly half of Americans plan to use dietary supplements or homeopathic treatments to help ward off influenza this season. But only about a third of that group plans to also get a flu shot. That’s the news from a survey of 1,500 adults conducted in September by the Consumer Reports National Research Center.

Dr. Stephanie Becker – “The job of our  immune system is to protect us against bacteria, virus and cancer.  At WCCM we recommend preparing for the cold and flu seasaon by obtaining your “home pharmacy essentials”.  These include  three scientifically proven, natural supplements to  prevent illness by supporting your immune system and to fight off  infections, including influenza.”  


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